How Can I Arrange A Corner Of The Mouth Lift With You From Afar?

Q:  I am interested in a corner of the mouth lift. I have checked in my area but have been unable to find anyone as of yet.  How would it work if I was to choose to see you? How many trips would I need to make? Have you done many of the corner mouth lift procedures?  I am 48 and do not feel I need, nor do I want at this point, a face lift as it is really only the beginning of slight mouth droop/marionette lines that really bothers me.

A: In answer to your questions, We have many patients how come from afar so we are very familiar with working with out-of-town patients. Ultimately, a corner of the mouth lift is done as an isolated procedure in the office done under local anesthesia. One only needs to come once, for the procedure only. An initial consult can be done by phone or Skype with photos of the mouth area sent in advance. Everything that needs to be discussed and determined can be done from afar. Once the procedure is done, there are no sutures to remove as they are just tiny dissolveable ones on the skin. There are no restrictions after surgery. Any follow-ups can be done like the initial consultation by phone or Skype with photos. A corner of the mouth lift is really a simpl;e proedure with the minor trade-off of a small scar. I have performed many of them either as a sstand alone procedure or often in conjunction with facelift surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana