How Can I Achieve That ‘Sucked In Cheek and Biting Down Jaw’ Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m thinking of mandibular implant and maybe buccal fat removal. When you see my pics what do you say? In the pictures from 2015 I was working out very heavily and biting my teeth so that the “mandibular” grew bigger. You can see it gave results and my jaw appeared wider. If you look at the picture from 2016, on that picture im’ biting my teeth together and doing a “zoolander pull” with my cheeks and lips. (cant find the correct word in english). That look in the 2016 picture is a look I think look very good on me, do you think that look is possible to achieve? 

I think unfortunately that I have aged a little bit since 2015 and I feel that my cheeks has fallen down a little bit, do you see that too? Maybe I need some kind of face lift? Especially my right cheek I feel has gone down. Little to early maybe with facelift, I’m only 33 years old. 

My fat percentage is right now at 12%, it was the same in 2015.

A:Thank you for your inquiry and sending your pictures. In the spirit of trying to achieve the 2015 ‘sucked in cheek, biting down jaw angle look’, which is commonly requested I would not disagree that midfacial defatting and jaw angle/jawline implant would be the only way to try and achieve it in a non-induced/artificial manner. In regards to your cheeks you are too young and do not have enough loose tissue to justify a cheek/midface lift and the scars to do so. It would be more effective and scar free to do high cheekbone implants which provide their own cheeklifting effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana