How Can I Achieve A Natural Male Lip Lifts and Rhinoplasty Results?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have several lip and nose surgery questions.


I want a lip lift upper and lower ones so they can look bigger because in real life they are so dry and they look small and the most important thing i want my mouth a bit wider than that because my mouth look so small in real life And please i want it to look natural just a bit of lifting so  they can be a bit bigger and the most important thing wide lips and natural look


My goal is i want to fix my nose but i want it to look masculine and natural . I want to remove Droopy tip and remove this one but pls i want an natural and masculine transformation

A:The key to any facial procedure in looking natural is to not overdo it. In regards to surgical lip lifts and advancements a few millimeters of skin removal creates improved vermilion show (fullness) without looking overdone or unnatural. With tip ptosis and a less than 90 degree nasolabial angle your nasal tip needs to be lifted to the 90 degree angle range, correcting the sagging tip but still looking like a male nose.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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