How Big Of A Buttock Implant Can I Get?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to know the sizes of butt implants? how big is the largest one and how many inches thick? and if it has liquid inside or if it has hard gel? Also can I dive to MO after couple days after surgery? Thank you.

A: Buttock implants come in a wide variety of sizes based on volume and base diameter. While buttock implants can range up in size to 550cc with 5 cms projection, there is little reason to put more than 300cc to 350cc in any patient. This produces a surprising amount of buttock enlargement  for most patients. This is about the maximal size that can be placed through a 7cm intergluteal crease incision and fit into the intramusular pocket. Trying to place anything bigger is an invitation to complications. While larger buttock implants can be placed above the muscle, this is not a technique that I use as it has a high complication rate such as implant displacement and fluid collections.

Buttocks implants are composed of a very soft silicone gel (not liquid) which feels like a compressible sponge.

Realistically, you would not be comfortable to sit on your buttocks and drive two days after surgery, even if you were just driving around the block. All patients will need someone to drive them home no matter where they live.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana