How Big of a Breast Implant Can I Get?

Q: I had breast implants done about 8 to 9 years ago and am looking to have them redone. Thr original size was 600cc implants. I am between D and DD cup size I think…but it depends on the bra.  I want them increased but not sure if that is something you do? I know I would like to be DDD cup. I am a body builder as a hobby. I think it would balance my shape better.

A: Breast implant size is a personal choice and no one can really say what size someone should or should not be. Breast implants of 600cc size can be big or not so big depending upon whose chest they are on. For a small person this could be fairly large, for a bigger and broader-chested woman this may only be average looking in size. Most women are interested in having breasts that are in proportion to the size of their body but a few women want more than that.

Within reason, just about any breast implant size can be put in any patient. Whether that final size is in or out of proportion, or what someone really desires, is up to the patient to judge. In my Indianapolis plastic surgery practice, I try and accomodate a woman’s breast implant size desires. That being said, women should know that there are potential long-term consequences for having large breast implants. (i.e., extreme breast augmentation) Over time, the weight and size of the implant may cause tissues to stretch out and a ‘bottoming out’ of the implant may occur as the implant falls on the chest wall. This is known as loss of tissue support. This is why as a general rule it is wise to keep the base width size of the implant within the natural breast base width. Also remember, it is easy to go up in size without significant scar consequences. Should one day the desire arises to go smaller, there will be significant breast scars to remove and tighten the loose skin that the implant has created.

Dr. Barry Eppley