How Big Can I Get My Breast Implants Done?

Q: I had breast implants originally done about 8 or 9 years ago and am looking to have them redone. My existing breast implants are saline 600cc and I think I am between D and DD depending on the bra. I want them increased but not sure if that is something you do? I know i would like to be DDD cup. I am a body builder and I think it would balance my shape better. Any information back would be great!!

A: Ideally, the size of a breast implant should stay within the base diameter of one’s breast. This produces the most natural looking result and also avoids the potential of the implants bottoming out over time due to loss of tissue support. That being said, some women prefer to go larger than these parameters. While some plastic surgeons have objections to that desire, my feeling is that as long as one realizes there may be a price to be paid long-term with bigger sizes (eventual removal and downsizing with breast skin reduction), then I have no objection.

Since you already have 600cc implants in place, the largest available implants are 800cc, either saline or silicone. At this size increase, that represents a 33% size increase. Saline implants can be further filled up to 960cc, representing an approximate 50% increase over your current size. At these size increases, one should definitely go with a high profile implant to get the base diameter as narrow as possible. Whether these sizes are appropriate are based on your height and chest width and breast augmentation size desires.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana