How Bg Can A Forehead Augmentation Be?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in forehead augmentation. I would like it built out so there is more ‘space’ between my low hairline and my brows.How much volume and depth can be added to the forehead area? How large can the implant be?

A: I assume you are investigating forehead augmentation as a means to enlarge your vertically short forehead.  (distance between eyebrows and frontal hairline) The limitation to the size of a forehead augmentation (bone cement or implant) is exclusively based on how much the overlying forehead skin/scalp tissue will stretch. That is the only limiting factor. Yours is an interesting forehead problem because it is on the border of needing tissue expansion to make a really significant difference (extend the hairline back 1 to 2 cms) or would it be enough to build out (create increased convexity) with just a one-stage forehead augmentation. I think enough forehead augmentation could be obtained in one-stage but that would depend on the type of change you are looking for. It would be helpful to see a side view image of your forehead/face and then I could some computer imaging to see how much forehead augmentation would be acceptable.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana