How Are Large Earlobes Reduced?

Q: I could not find info on your website regarding earlobes. Mine are large and I think it would look much more aesthetic if they were trimmed. Was wondering how it would be done. Thanks!

A: Large earlobes can be the result of one’s natural genetics or from aging and the use of heavy ear rings. In women, it is often the latter. In men, since they don’t wear heavy hanging ear rings, it is the result of one’s genetics. There is some component of aging and gravity that can make the marginally large earlobe larger and longer in later life. Either way, the surgery to reduce them is the same.

Earlobe reduction is a fairly simple surgery that often can be done under just local anesthesia. Like all earlobe surgery, it is not extensive because the earlobe is relatively small compared to the rest of the ear. There are several different methods of cutting out extra earlobe tissue and the differences are all about where the scar ends up on the earlobe. The wedge excision technique removes a triangular piece of earlobe from the central part. It is very effective at making the earlobe smaller and better shaped but does place the scar right down the middle of the earlobe. This scar usually ends up looking fairly indistinct but one must know beforehand that is where the scar will be. The other technique of earlobe reduction is to remove the lower hanging portion of the earlobe. This places the scar along the more hidden location of the rim of the earlobe. Both methods are effective and the choice between the two is partially influenced by the shape and size of one’s earlobe and preference for scar location.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana