How Are Getting Pectoral Implants Different Than Breast Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, have there been any improvement to help with outpatient healing for pectoral implants?  Having helped with liposuction recovery and breast implants it looked pretty brutal seeing the fluids and bruising/swelling and that didn’t involve having to fly back home. I’d consider it to get that permanent sculpted definition in the upper chest if possible, just seems like it has be done a little more artistically on a male than female to get the correct look as too large would look too unnatural.

Pectoral Implants Dr Barry Eppley indianapolisA: Pectoral implants are in some ways very similar to breast implants but are a bit different. Pectoral implants are solid elastomer implants not fluid filled, thus they will never rupture or need replaced. While they are placed below the pectorals major muscle, unlike breast implants they are are not placed below the lower pectoral line which means there is less soft tissue dissection and no disruption of the muscular attachments. There is no the same amount of bruising or swelling as with breast implants an no fluid drainage like in liposuction. While it is a muscular recovery, I would not consider it ‘brutal’ or that severe.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana