How Are Custom Brow Bone and Infraorbital Rim Implants Inserted?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello dear doctor, I hope everything is all right . 

So, I attach an image taken from your instagram profile . This implant interests me greatly . 

I think it goes to modify the upper orbitals , lateral and inferior . 

Now I ask you, kindly if you could answer these questions . 

-What changes would they make in a male face ?. 

-They would increase the distance between the eyes ?. 

-They would eliminate scleral show ? 

-It is a good idea to insert these implants , before undergoing a cantoplasty and surgery to make the canthal positive ? ( I think it should facilitate the ‘ anchoring of the new eye cut to the ‘ bone and then to the orbital rims ). 

-You can mix it with the ‘ implant for the low and prominent brow ridge ?. 

– Where would this implant be inserted , eyelids or other area ? 

-Would there remain visible scars or risk of damage and therefore it is quite dangerous surgery , given the ‘ delicate area ? 

-The most ‘safe’ material in the eye area would be ? 

Thank you very much! 

A: In answer to your questions:

1) That was made for a male face. I have never yet seen a female request largely because there is a brow augmentation component.

2) It wouldn’t change the distance between the eyes.

3) It may improve scleral show.

4) If one was interested in changing their canthal tilt, such an implant should be done before any attempts at lateral canthoplasty or perform a lateral canthoplasty with it. (which is common)

5) The implants are inserted through a combination of upper and lower eyelid incisions, and possible with a small scalp incision to assist endoscopic dissection and brow bone implant placement.

6) This not a dangerous surgery nor does it create adverse scarring.

7) The most safe material near the eye is the one that is easiest to insert, secondarily modify and/or remove……solid silicone.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana