How Achievable Are My Facial Reshaping Goals With Custom Facial Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in getting custom jawline and midface implants with the aesthetic goals listed below. Are these goals feasible? Are there other procedures either instead of or in conjunction with custom implants that would better achieve these goals? 

For context, I’m also considering septorhinoplasty at a later date to repair a deviated septum and resolve resulting issues with nasal asymmetry. 


– Reduce dark circles and hollow appearance under eyes 

– Correct negative orbital vector 

– Augmentation of flat zygomatic arch with increased bizygomatic width (currently ~130 mm, ideally ~136 mm) 

– Modestly increased malar projection 

– Mitigate appearance of long midface and wide-set eyes 

– Improve harmony with upper third (ideal bizygomatic width ~120% of bitemporal width) 


– Improved symmetry, correcting relative deficiency in right gonion (left side of the photo) 

– Harmony with midface (ideal bigonial width 85-90% of bizygomatic width, currently 106 mm) 

– Increased bigonial width with greater visibility of jaw angles 

– Sharper, more angular, less rounded jawline 

– A more square chin with increased width 

– Marginally increased chin forward projection (ideally aligned with lips, currently ~3 mm behind)

A:While you list of aesthetic facial goals is long and comprehensive I don’t see that the majority of them could not be largely achieved with the use of custom midface and jawline implants…and that would be the only way to try to do so. The concept to the facial implant procedures is correct, its ability to achieve will be largely dependent on their designs. (shape, size and various thicknesses)

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon