How Accurate Is Jaw Angle Implants Prediction Imaging?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I reviewed the jaw angle implants imaging you provided and have some questions about it. The left side seems slightly asymmetric to the left and the two sides of my face are not perfectly even. Is this the way the surgery will turn out?

A:You are way over reading the jaw angle implants prediction images. I have stated in the past these are approximates so see what direction/dimensional changes someone is looking for. They are not meant to be nor should you interpret fine details in them such as some asymmetries or slight differences in these dimensional changes. These are the variabilities of computer imaging and I also doubt that you are perfectly symmetric either. I should also point out that there are going to be postoperative amounts of jaw angle asymmetry. You will not have a perfectly symmetric result, nobody does. If a patient finds that these fine details are unsettling or is going to critique their postoperative results in the smallest detail, then they are going to be unhappy and have a very high risk of revisional surgery. I make these comments not to be unkind or unfeeling, it is based on a vast experience with male patients and facial surgery. And the goal is not do end up having revisional surgery on any patient.

The reality is that surgery is not an exact science no matter how much thought goes into its preparation and execution. It is an imperfect art practiced on asymmetric features that do not have completely predictable patterns of healing. Therein lies my caution to you. To have a satisfying jaw angle implant augmentation result, one must be prepared to accept some imperfections and realize that a close approximation of one’s goal needs to be good enough.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana