Head Widening Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am an Australian looking for someone who does head widening implants in Australia. I have been researching for some time but you are the only surgeon I can find who performs this surgery! Unfortunately, as a student, I don’t see myself being able to afford a trip to the US any time soon so I was really hoping that you may have an idea/possibly know a college here in Australia who may be able to perform this surgery. I would really appreciate any advice or recommendations you could give me.

A: The surgical concept and the implants used for head widening implants are those that I have developed. This is a new cosmetic temporal surgery that would be unknown to almost all surgeons in the world. Thus I am certain there is no one in Australia or anywhere else in the world at this time that performs this surgery. It uses as dual combination of anterior and posterior temporal implants placed in a subfascial location to create a widening effect from the lateral orbit and forehead all the way back to the anterior occipital region. Since the side of the head is largely made up of temporal muscle it makes sense to augment this large muscular surface area to create greater convexity to the side of the head.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana