Has Does Rib Removal Surgery Compare To Buttock Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Here are some more rib removal questions after our consult from last week.. Could I get hurt physically from something injuring me in the future from wrestling etc from having rib removal? Do you think that rib removal has more or less complications than a butt augmentation? How painful is it compared to a butt augmentation? Do you think by taking the LD muscle out that it will cause better shape to my bodybuilding frame? And not take away from my lats? And not hurt my muscle when lifting? Can liposuction make my skin less tight? Is there anything that I can do during this procedure to tighten my skin in the abdomen and back region? Could removing my ribs hurt me when I am.older? 

I also forgot to ask I have heard that removing the 10th rib can cause less balance coordination and exposure to the organs ect . Are my organs safe after this procedure? I apologize for all the questions 

Thank you so much.

A: In answer to your rib removal questions:

1) I do not think wrestling exposes you to any increases risks of injury after rib removal surgery.

2) Rib removal has far fewer potential complications than any form of buttock augmentation, particularly that of implants. I have seen lots of complications from buttock implants but never one yet from rib removal surgery. Compared to intramuscular buttock implants rib removal surgery is less painful and with a quicker recovery.

3) Shaving of the lower outer border of the LD muscle improves the results from rib removal surgery but will not affect lifting thereafter in any way.

4) Liposuction will not make skin more loose…unless it is very loose initially.

5) There is nothing you can do to improve skin tightness after the surgery. Your skin is fairly taut and will naturally tighten on its own.

6) Removing ribs will not cause any problems as you age.

7) Removing part of the 10th rib will not cause any imbalances or expose the organs to any risk of injury afterwards.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana