Hairline Advancement

Q: Dr. Eppley, My forehead is very noticeably high. And it makes my long narrow face even worse. I only style my hair certain ways to cover it (or try to). I’ve been wanting a forehead reduction for years and I certainly do not want to go to just anyone. I know you are very experienced in this procedure. Is it possible to still preserve the roundness of the hairline? I’m a little frightened by some results I see where patient’s new hairlines look like they were drawn across their forehead with a ruler! Also, my forehead lacks projection. I realize I am female and I certainly don’t mean I want the big masculine brow bone! But my forehead goes straight down to my eyeball. I feel like the brow should at least come out a little to be aesthetically pleasing. I know foreheads are often shaved down during this, but can ‘bone’ or something else be added?

A: Most hairline advancements that I have seen done have a rounded effect across the hairline. This is almost unavoidable because the greatest amount of hairline advancement is in the center of the forehead and less so as it goes back into the temporal areas. A hairline advancement can not really just create a perfectly straight line across the forehead.

Brow bone augmentation can be done using bone cements or a custom brow bone implants. When done in conjunction with a hairline advancement, the open exposure provided by this procedure allows any of the brow bone augmentation options to be used.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana