Gynecomastia Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve underwent a male breast reduction surgery five years ago. Everything went well. Months after my surgery,I had slight scar tissue build-up in my chest—nothing too concerning, absolutely livable. I massaged when I could but it was always so sore and I was too scared of messing up my results. I noticed the scar tissue in my left pec fluctuated slightly in size slightly over time. Massaging wasn’t helping, so at one year post op I went in for Kenalog shots to break up some of the tissue. It seemed to work but it also left a slight dent when I flex. Now, four years post op, the tissue seems to have grown again out of nowhere. I began massaging vigorously again. At first, the scar tissue seemed like it was breaking up and getting smaller. I was massaging just about everyday and then it started to harden. I even got some bruising around my left nipple. I tried to keep massaging, but I’m not seeing any progress. It only seems to be getting bigger, harder, and more noticeable—is that good or bad?

A: At this point the only effective option is going to be further gynecomastia reduction surgery. Whether it is scar tissue or actual breast tissue regrowth, further improvement is not going to come from massage or steroid injections. Secondary or revisional gynecomastia reduction surgery is not rare due to either the development of scar tissue or some breast tissue regrowth.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana