Glabellar Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, do you do the 3D imaging there for the glabellar implants? Also being from out of state can it all be completed in one day. Thanks for your time.

A: There are three methods for doing glabellar implant augmentation depending upon the exact nature of your glabellar forehead deficiency and the time needed in preparation for surgery.. Using 3D imaging you are referring to a true custom glabellar implant made for you from a 3D CT scan of you. You get the scan where you live and then it is sent to me. It is then designed online and manufactured and shipped for surgery. That is a process that takes about a month to do. The implant is then implanted through a small scalp incision. There are also special design glabellar implants which means I take a custom design already used for another patient and use that same implant design, if appropriate, for your glabellar contour issue. This does not require a 3D CT scam to be obtained and can be ready in the days.  Lastly, an intraoperatively fabricated implant made from a ePTFE block can be made during surgery. (hand carved implant) This also does not require a 3D CT scan.

The extent and complexity of the glabellar contour deformity would determine which type of ‘custom’ implant approach would be used.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana