Getting A Good Cheek Implant Result

Q: I am interested in having small cheek implants and was wondering who you would recommend I see in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area. I have spoken to several plastic surgeons who say they remove more cheek implants than they put in. I am wondering who has had good results with this procedure?

A: I wish I could answer your question in regards to plastic surgery referral in your geographic area. But, unfortunately, I could not tell you with any assurance who gets good results with cheek implants. While I am certain all plastic surgeons say that they do them, who would be better than other is impossible for me to know. (just like you)

What I can tell you about cheek implants is that what you have heard about them are true. Even though it is a very simple operation, they are the most revised and/or removed implant of all the facial implants. The reason that exists, in my experience, is that they are often oversized for the patient. Cheek implants are much better to be done in moderation or ‘underdone’. Cheek augmentation should be subtle, not dramatic. It is not like a breast implant, where many times bigger may be better. That is never true with a cheek implant. The second reason they are revised is that the cheek implant is unique in its position. It is the only facial implant that is literally ‘hanging on the side of the cliff’ in where it is placed on the cheek bone. So they are prone to movement and asymmetry between the two sides afterwards. That is why I prefer to secure them with a screw to the underlying bone to prevent that problem. Lastly, there are at least 5 different styles (not to mention sizes) of the implants, so matching the unique anatomy and patient desires with the right style and size of cheek implant is certainly more art than it is science.

Dr. Barry Eppley