Forehead Reduction Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, Three months ago I had a forehead reduction. The forehead reduction made a big difference. However, ideally, I wish my hairline would be just a centimeter lower and start exactly where my scar ends. Would you advise me to get the forehead reduction done again to lower it just that extra bit, or would hair transplants be a better option? 

A: I am not sure why the frontal hairline is not at the scar line exactly but your scalp must have been was very tight so there must have been some separation. Given the tightness of your scalp, I don’t think it will ever move any lower than it is. Or at least not much lower like a centimeter. For your forehead reduction revision It would be best to have hair transplants done to fill in the difference between the hairline and the scar and this can also be done up over the scar line. This would produce the most natural looking result and be assured of getting the final frontal hairline position that you desire. I would let the scar heal until the three month mark and then have the hair transplant done. In the end yow will have a great forehead result and a very natural one as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana