Forehead Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, i have been concerned with my big forehead. I did a hair transplant six month ago but the problem is that I still have a large forehead. I now know that it is because my forehead bone is so prominent.(forward) I was wondering if you do forehead reduction surgery where the bone is shaved down and is less forward and more symmetrical with my other features. On your website I saw that the you had done a lot of similar forehead reduction procedures. Attached are some pictures for your review.

A: You have a frontal bossing issue on your forehead which could only be hidden if the hair transplant came down low enough. (which would also look unusual) Frontal bossing forehead reduction is done by a bone burring technique whose result is controlled by how much the bone can be reduced. (down into the diploid space.) That is usually around 5mms but many be more in some patients based on the thickness of their bone. If one really wanted to know much the outer table of the forehead bone can be reduced, a lateral skull x-ray will clearly show the thee layers of the skull and the outer table thickness can be measured.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana