Forehead Recontouring

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in forehead recontouring but all of your case studies of the procedure show people with hair. I can see how an incision made for forehead recontouring along the hairline is great if you have hair and can hide the incision. But what if you don’t have hair, how would you handle that?

A: There is a reason you do not see pictures of almost any kind of forehead recontouring procedures in men who either do not have hair or have a shaved head…they do not do the surgery. The scar would not be a good tradeoff in the vast majority of men unless the forehead deformity is very noticeable or extreme. Having said that, I have done a handful of men who have no hair for forehead recontouring but they are extremely motivated and are willing to make the aesthetic tradeoff of a scalp scar.

In some cases of forehead recontouring a forehead incision through a prominent wrinkle line can be considered as an alternative to a scalp incision. This can be a more ‘natural’ and direct approach based on the age of the patient and the extent and depth of the forehead wrinkles.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana