Forehead Osteoma

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have developed a small forehead osteoma and I want it removed. I am 38 years old but still wear my hair back, and show all of my face, wear light makeup, and do not want this on my forehead. I could get away with bangs but I really want to keep my face open and clear. I have no idea why I have developed this, I did hit my head as a child in this area, and may have hit it over the years, but it has just shown up in the last year front and center sad to say. I am looking for a ballpark price to have it removed, not an exact I understand, but a ball park quote.

A: I would need to see a picture of your forehead osteoma to determine its location and the best way to do its removal. The other issue to be addressed, particularly if it is sitting over the frontal sinus, is whether it involves the frontal sinus or just sitting on the outer table of the frontal sinus. Its location and frontal sinus involvement can make a very big difference in how it is treated. If you do not have a CT scan of it, then that needs to be done so the proper diagnosis can be done. Until alt his information is obtained the costs of surgery can not be precisely determined.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana