Forehead Injectable Fillers

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in forehead injectable fillers. I had a PMMA forehead implant placed last year, but I’m not entirely satisfied with the results. The biggest issue is that the implant doesn’t extend all the way to my hairline, and there is a slight notch near the top of my forehead where the implant ends. Moreover, the implant did not adequately augment the central brow region.

Hence, my questions are:

1) Can filler be used to augment the areas circled in the picture?

2) I’ve read about necrosis and blindness, which is the main concern I have. Would it be safe to inject fillers into these areas?

Thank you!

A: I would definitely not put injectable fillers down by the brow area. This is a danger zone in injectable fillers whose risk may be increased with a forehead augmentation underneath it. I think the upper forehead region is safer as it is not near the vascular pedicles that exist down at the level of the brow bones.

While you could do forehead injectabale fillers, it is safer and more effective long term to have your forehead implant modified or replaced. Your existing PMMA forehead implant can be supplemented to improve your aesthetic concerns.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana