Forehead Implant Removal and Hairline Advancement

Q: Dr. Eppley, a friend of mine has had large prosthetics and augmentation in his entire forehead region and even supraorbital a while back. He doesn’t care for them now, however, and in fact, finds that his forehead is too prominent now and wants them removed. He is wondering what will happen to his upper eye area when this happens. Will his eyes become more hooded and his eyebrows descend? He actually prefers this because he feels his upper eyes at the moment are too hollow and eyebrows are too high at the moment 

He is also considering a hairline lowering procedure but was told by a doctor that his scalp was too tough. Would the removal of these implants also make it possible for him to achieve a hairline lowering without the usage of a tissue expansion?

A:I think it is fair to say that removing a large forehead augmentation will result in some potential brow ptosis and even upper eyelid hooding….which sounds like what he prefers anyway.

Whether he could get any significant hairline lowering without tissue expansion I can not say given that I have no idea what he looks like or have felt his scalp. Suffice it to say that hairline lowering is most effective when a first stage scalp expansion is done.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana