Forehead Brow Augmentation and Reshaping

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have uploaded photos of me and a model for reference in the following link:

To put in words, These are my concerns regarding my forehead/brow ridge:

-I would want my brows to be further apart, straight, slightly lower, and flat. Instead of high, arched, close set, and somewhat rounded.

-I would like the entire sides of my forehead/brows to be built up on. At the moment, I have a rounded (specially to the sides) and somewhat narrow forehead.

– I would like an overall thicker supraorbital rim. 

-Rearding my skull, I have an extremely small skull for a 20 year old male. I would want considerable change here. Basically I would want more on the upper portion of my frontal bone (also towards the sides of it, to reduce the pear shape). and considerable support towards the back of the skull. (to also treat the flat back of head)

A: Thank you for your clarification fo your forehead/brow goals. Forehead/brow augmentation can certainly augment the brow bones (supraorbital ridges) and change the shape of your forehead as you have indicated. You can also increase the shape of your anterior skull as it goes back from the forehead and you would have to do so to have it blend in and look right.

But this augmentation will have no control over the overlying eyebrows and will most certainly to make them go lower…as that is an impossibility….nor make them further apart. Those are not realistic effects from the augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana