For My Broad Nose Should I Have A Tip Rhinoplasty Or A Full Rhinoplasty?

Q: My nose is fatty from the tip area. When I smile it becomes even more broad. Should I get just the tip changed or should I go for whole nose plasty. I have attached some photos for you te see what my nose looks like.

A: When considering rhinoplasty, it is important to first look at the whole nose. While it may be that just the tip area seems to bother you, the problems with the tip may extend up into the upper two-thirds of the nose as well. This would be very common in the broad or wide nose. ln reviewing your pictures, you have a rather classic ethnic nose. (Indian) The nose skin is thick, the tip is broad, the nostrils are slightly flared, there is a hump that extends up into the upper third of the nose and the nasal bridge (bone) area is wide. In essense, your broad nose is not just limited to the tip area. Rather it is an aesthetic issue that extends throughout the entire nose. Doing just a tip rhinoplasty alone may likely leave you unsatisfied with the final result. I would recommend a complete rhinoplasty in which the hump can be removed, the bones narrowed, the tip reshaped to be less broad with increased tip rotation and the nostrils narrowed. I think you will be far more satisfied with this rhinoplasty result. The differences between a tip and full rhinoplasty can be easily illustrated with computer imaging before surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana