Flat Head

Q: Dr. Eppley, my flat head syndrome has been causing me great distress. I feel like an alien and don’t even think of myself as human. The condition is such that, I wake up thinking about it and fall asleep thinking about it. I no longer care about anything in life and everything seems so pointless to me now. I don’t know how I will carry on living with this condition. Please tell me that there is something that can be done cosmetically for this. Thanks.

A: The good news is that flat areas of the skull, the flat head syndrome, is highly improveable using custom skull implants made from a 3D CT scan. This is an aesthetic skull operation that I do regualarly. It is very likely that in a single 90 minute operation this is an issue you will be able to put behind you. The limits of skull augmentation are always based on how much the scalp can stretch to accommodate the implant. So the only question is whether a single stage procedure with an implant can achieve your skull augmentation shape increase goals. This is best determined before surgery by doing some computer imaging t see the difference between a one vs a two stage skull augmentation procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana