Flat Back of Head Augmentation Questions

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m a 32 year-old male who has a flat back of head and consider doing a flat back of head augmentation surgery with you but I have a few question which be thankful if you can answer to those 

1_. Do you use implant for these type of surgery? And if so which type of implant silicon or saline? 

2. Can you please explain what a bone cement (PMMA) is? Is it implant or? 

3. If you use implant how do you secure the implants in place do you screw the implant in to place? 

4. Does the surgery result permanent? I mean do I need to do another surgery to replace the implant in future? 

5. If you use implant how big is the risk for implant to rupture and leak and what should I do in this situation and how do I know that the implant is ruptured? 

6. How much does it cost totally for surgery and hospital? 

7. How long do I need to stay in touch with you in Indianapolis?

A: In answer to your flat back of head augmentation questions:

1) A custom solid silicone implant is used, made form the patient’s 3D CT scan.

2) Bone cement is another skull augmentation material but requires a full coronal scalp incision to place it.

3) The implant result is permanent.

4) The implant is secured by tissue ingrowth and a few small microscrews.

5) This is a solid silicone implant, not a gel filled implant like that used in breast augmentation surgery.

6) My assistant Camille will pass along the cost of the surgery to you tomorrow.

7) You would retain home 2 days after the surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana