Female Jawline Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am a female and interested in a “supermodel” jawline. (female jawline implants)  I would most likely want the wrap around jawline style to create more length across my chin line but I don’t wish to create any additional definition to my actual chin.  I’ve always been picked at, being told I have a long face so I do not wish to have a bigger more define chin. I am just looking to add length side to side.  I’m attaching a pic of my favorite model.  To me, when I flip through the pages of Vogue you can see the focal point of each woman’s beauty is her large jawline.  Tell me if something close to this pic would be achievable on someone like me, and roughly how much a custom wrap around implant could potentially cost.  Also wondering if I fly into Indiana for the procedure how many days/weeks would you recommend I stay there while I heal? Would you be able to link me up with a doctor in the my area who could treat me when I get back home? Flying back to Indiana would be a bit difficult. One more question…does the implant need to be switched out after a certain amount of years?  I was told any implants need to be changed out every 10 to 20 years.

A: When one uses the term for a female of a ‘supermodel’ jaw width, they are referring to a well defined and very angular jawline. In female jawline implants one has to be careful, however, with your jaw width increase so that it does not become too wide for your face. Your long vertical facial length provides some limitations as to how wide you can make the jawline implant. As a general rule the width of the jawline/jaw angles should not exceed the width of the superior cheeks. The model that you favor has a shorter facial length and, as a result, can have a jaw width that actually makes her face almost square. But even in her the width of the jawline is equal to the width of her cheeks.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana