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Indianapolis Facial Implants Specialist
Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD

As a highly trained plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Barry Eppley has extensive experience helping plastic surgery Indianapolis patients with facial reconstruction and aesthetic needs with the use of facial implants. Dr. Eppley has compiled an extensive amount of information about this procedure and encourages patients to visit the facial implants results page to learn more.

The technologic developments in medical biomaterials and an improved understanding of the influence of hard and soft tissue on the face has made the use of facial implants a routine procedure. While once reserved mainly for facial bone deformities, they are now an integral part of contemporary aesthetic facial surgery. A large number of differently shaped implants for augmenting facial bone areas now exist that go beyond those traditionally available for the cheek and chin area. The use of implants is an integral part of facial reshaping surgery as their use is the most reliable method of augmenting facial bone structures.

A wide variety of facial implants exist today which can add volume to ten facial areas or zones including the chin, jaw angles, cheeks, nose, premaxillary, paranasal, tear trough, orbital rim, orbital floor and temporal regions. For unique facial needs for which standard implant sizes and shapes do not best solve the patient’s needs, custom facial implants can be made from a patient’s 3D CT scan in virtually any dimensions.

In addition to helping facial implants patients and providing custom implants for each procedure, Dr. Eppley performs an array of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help Indianapolis rhinoplasty, face lift, cheek implants and Botox patients.

Before Facial Implants

The specific facial areas to be improved are pointed out and discussed. Implants are particularly good at enhancing the cheek, chin, jaw angle, and nose. Implants are also frequently part of other facial procedures (e.g., rhinoplasty, facelift, etc.) as well. Often the patient does not recognize the value of implant enhancement in achieving their facial goals when considering other procedures For this reason, computer imaging can be very helpful.

Facial Implants – The Operation

As an isolated procedure, facial implants under anesthesia as an outpatient. Most facial bone implants (e.g., cheeks chin, jaw angles) are placed either through incisions in the mouth or small skin incisions under the chin, at the lower eyelid or in the temporal hairline. When possible, the implant(s) will be secured to the bone with small screws to prevent postoperative shifting.

After Facial Implants

A lightly compressive facial dressing will be applied after surgery that can be removed the next day. Bruising is minimal but swelling will take several weeks to completely subside and see the approximate result. Judging the final effects of facial implants on the facial shape should not be done until three months after surgery.

Complications with facial implants are very infrequent. Despite being a foreign body, implants are well tolerated in facial areas and infection is extremely uncommon. Most facial implant problems are aesthetic in nature being that of positioning, symmetry or inadequate/excessive implant size.

Facial Implant Costs

  • Chin implant $4,250
  • Cheek implants $4,500 – $5,500
  • Jaw Angle Implants $5,000 – $6,000
  • Nose Implant (see Rhinoplasty costs)
  • Temporal Implants $ 4,500
  • Custom facial implants (see Custom Facial Implant costs)

(Fees are approximate)

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Dr. Eppley has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative plastic surgeons, drawing patients from all corners of the globe seeking new and unique surgical solutions to their concerns.

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