Facial Reshaping Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I asked for your consult about getting a more chiseled and angular face with much more symmetrical proportions through facial reshaping surgery. I had a surgery three month ago including putting in a chin implant, buccal fat removal and very small cheek implants. Unfortunately I didn’t get the desired results with those procedures. In the coming week I’ll go to visit my Doctor again. But it seems that I have to find out my problem and reforming options by consulting with you and then asking my own doctor to do that. Maybe you have gotten my before operation photo so I will send you my present look photos. In my opinion and after watching your videos on Youtube, my chin implant shall be removed and I should get a vertically shortening and horizontally augmenting sliding genioplasty plus jaw angle implants and submalar big cheek implants. Please let me know what do you recommend, even if its possible in details, such as size and shape of implants.

A: The creation of a more defined and angular face is not going to come just from chin and cheek implants and a buccal lipectomy in most patients. These procedures may be part of the solution but they alone are usually going to be inadequate. This could have been predicted before your prior surgery. The creation of a more defined jawline is a big part of creating an overall more shapely face through facial reshaping surgery. What jawline procedures, or other procedures, would be best in that regard must be determined by the doctor who is going to do the surgery. It is not medically appropriate that I provide a list of procedures and specific implants so you can pass that information along to another surgeon. That decision must be made between you and the treating surgeon.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana