Facial Reshaping

Q: Dr. Eppley, I recently consulted with another surgeon about facial reshaping surgery and his recommendation was to 1) shave down/narrow the chin (as I find it to be too broad) 2) insert implants to create a more angular jawline (in addition my left side is noticeably undeveloped and 3) fat transfer to my cheeks to create more fullness. I am very much at the stage of booking the procedure but i have read a lot of reviews about Dr Eppley (most particularly in regard to these specific procedures) and I would be very keen hear his thoughts..Looking forward to hearing from you.

A: While I would largely agree with those general facial reshaping concepts I would do some of the three procedures differently. Chin narrowing can be done by either shaving or t-shaped intraoral osteotomies. Depending on the type of chin change you are seeking, the latter is usually more effective. Jaw angle augmentation depends on whether width, vertical lengthening or some amount of both are needed. That determination can not be done based on a  frontal picture alone, it takes oblique and side view images as well to see who such jaw angle changes would look. I would not use fat for your cheek augmentation. You are too thin to have that work very well. Cheek implants are more predictable and long-lasting. What style and size of cheek implant depends on the type of cheek augmentation change you seek.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana