Facial Reshaping

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in facial reshaping. I absolutely hate my face and how it looks different on both sides. What would I need done to make myself look more symmetrical. I only like the left side. I hate people even looking at my right side and I wont ever take face forward shots. I attached a picture to show you. I just really hate it and very insecure. I feel like everyone can notice that one side of my entire face is higher than the other and that one eye is bigger than the other.

A: Thank you for sending your picture and expressing concerns. I can clearly see the differences between the two sides of your face and most, if not all, of the asymmetry is in the periorbital region. (around the eye) Because the picture you sent may be inverted (mirror image) I am not sure which is the right or the left. But there is one side where the eye is bigger and the brow bone and cheek bone on that side are more developed. While the opposite side has a smaller eye and a slightly lower brow bone edge and smaller cheek.

When it comes to facial asymmetry and facial reshaping surgery that involves the eye, the bigger eye or higher side can not be lowered. Only the smaller side can be made more open or raised. Thus on the smaller side the brow bone can be shaved to raise it, the cheek augmented to make it fuller, the eyeball raised to make the pupil more even with the other side and the upper and lower eyelids raised to expose more of the white of the eye.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana