Facial Reshaping

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in multiple facial reshaping procedures. I went to a lot of surgeons who usually said that everything was perfect and no surgery needed. But I may see things a little bit more detailed or have a different idea of beauty. Some said my chin has an asymmetry, is too pointy, has too much soft tissue on it. Some wanted to do pre jowl implants. Some said my chin is too long and wanted to shorten it. I see that my chin is too long but I don’t think it is the length that is bothering me. It is the whole jawline what makes my chin look like this. My jawline is too long and narrow and not round enough. I will send you my picture first and the second one will be one picture that I changed with a Photoshop tool and I will explain on the picture exactly what Iwanted  changed. Please take your time to understand what I try to tell you. 

I want to look softer instead of elegant and have a rounder fuller face. I don’t like my high cheekbones and the spot where my cheekbones end there is nothing but flat. I don’t like my eyebrows they are sticking out to the front too much instead of the eyebrow bone being more flat or far in.I don’t like that my chin sticks out too much too. Can we take it back or should we widen it? I have no Idea. Every surgeon said my nose is perfect but they maybe didnt see that when I laugh it points downwards and I personally think that for my narrow face my nose should be flatter. The tip of my nose has to go slightly up. So  you see I like to have a more flat more wide face. Everything in my face sticks out too much. I hope you can understand what I mean.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. I have studied your descriptions and concerns as well as your pictures. My facial reshaping surgery responses would be as follows:

CHIN – It has too much horizontal projection. It should be set back about about 5mms by intraoral reverse sliding genioplasty

JAWLINE – It can be rounded/made wider by a custom jawline implants that extenjd from the jaw angles to just behind the chin.

NOSE – As you have well described it, the tip needs to be shortened and rotated upwards and some reduction of the radix height between the eyes.

INFRAORBITAL RIMS/CHEEKS – These should be augmented with an implant that combines the infraorbital rim and cheek area as a single implant. These would be placed through an intraoral or lower eyelid incisions.

BROW BONE – The tail of the brow bones would be flattened by bone burring through upper eyelid incisions.

All of these procedures could be performed as a single operation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana