Facial Implant Surgery Recovery

Q: Dr. Eppley, you performed a 12mm sliding genioplasty advancement (with a Gore-tex implant in the step-off, jaw angle implants, and infraorbital-cheek implants two days ago. My face is very swollen and appears lopsided. I am concerned that something is wrong. Please tell me that the facial swelling will go down very soon.

A: I will repeat what I extensively reviewed before surgery which are my six principles of facial implant surgery recovery:

1) The swelling from theses types of facial reshaping surgeries will be horrendous and very distorting…and psychologically troubling. You will not recognize yourself and will wonder if something is wrong or whether you should have done the surgery at all.

2) The resolution of swelling will go down in a very typical progression…50% by 10 days, 75% by 3 weeks and 90% by 6 weeks. It will take a full 3 months before the final result will be seen.

3) With the swelling there will be typical differences between facial sides which is very common as no two sides of the face will swell the same.

4) I do not critique/judge the result myself for a full three months…nor should you.

5) I never consider any changes or revisions to the surgical outcome until a full resolution of all facial swelling has resolved and  the tissues have shrunken/adapted back down the changed skeletal framework.

6) When asked at any time period doing this full recovery period about the result or any concerns, I will repeat the aforementioned five principles.

Wbile it is hard, patience is paramount. You are only at day 2 which is the peak of the facial swelling. (it takes two days for facial swelling to maximize)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana