Facial Implant Designer

Q: Dr. Eppley, Is it possible to retain your expertise as a Consultant as a facial implant designer and then to have the mid-face lift done with you after having the implants replaced with your design here in my country?

I am informed that my insurance fund in my country would actually pay for the replacement of my current implants and thus it makes it more feasible for me to have them replaced here.

My only concern with the local option was the design of the implants (aesthetically). It is manifest that you have more experience with implants and are thus familiar with the most aesthetically suitable design for my facial structure.

Your reply in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

A:I have been asked that question to be a facial implant designer many times but that is not something that I will do. The surgeon should be the same person who both designs and places them. This gives the patient and the surgeon the best chance to get properly placed what has been actually designed. Asking a surgeon to place an implant design that he/she has never done before is a recipe for an adverse outcome.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana