Facial Contour Restoration after Masseter Muscle Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, A couple of months ago, I had my masseter muscle trimmed which I totally regretted. Now I have depression on both sides where the muscle was trimmed. I see that the skin is going in a little. How do I fix this problem? Would fat transfer work? 

A: In answer to your masseter muscle problem, trimming the masseter muscle is always a bad idea as it leaves soft tissue depressions over the angle. This issue would become magnified of a custom jawline implant is placed to partially restore the jaw angles. Fat injections would be a one reasonable approach to treat it

The restoration of lost volume from a change in the shape of the masseter muscle is not an aesthetic problem that is easily remedied. Whether it is the result of disruption of the pteryomassteric sling (masseter muscle retraction) or masseter muscle reduction restoring its shape can be attempted by various soft tissue strategies. Fat injections is the obvious choice but not the only one. Dermal-fat grafts, allogeneic dermal sheets and even ultrasoft silicone implants can be used. I have done all of these strategies and each had their own advantages and disadvantages.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana