Facial Asymmetry

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am seeking your professional opinion on how to treat my facial asymmetry. What do you think can be done? When I was 17 I underwent double jaw surgery to correct sleep apnea. I believe the right side of my face is lower than my left, my smile moves predominantly to the right, and my left eye is higher than the right. I do not know exactly what has caused this. I would like to know what is your diagnosis and what is a possible treatment. Thank you so much.

A: What you have is facial asymmetry with your right facial side being overall lower than that of the left side of you face. This is evident from the eyebrow down through the jawline. Given the fact that your facial asymmetry is not severe (I know it is to you but in the big picture it is not) any corrective procedure options should be considered from the perspective of what can be done with the lowest risk of aesthetic complications. (trading off one problem for another)

The most visible part of your facial asymmetry, as it is in a lot of facial asymmetry patients, is around the eye area. An endoscopic browlift on the right side with orbital floor augmentation (to raise up the eye)  and lateral canthoplasty (change the location of the corner of the eye to a higher position) would make the greatest improvement in your facial asymmetry. Possibly a small cheek implant as well, I would leave your jawline along and there is no surgery that can be done to improve your smile asymmetry.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana