Facial Asymmetry

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve been surfacing on internet for quite some time now to seek the corrective options I’ve got for my facial asymmetry. The problem with my face is that the left side of my face is bigge r(overgrown) than the right side and my chin and lower lip seems to be drawn to the right. I’ve learned about jaw implants through your blogs on this website. Keeping in view my above stated complaints what would you suggest me for attaining a more symmetrical face?

You asked for the picture of my face so here it is. I previously forgot to mention that I’ve got history of face trauma some 10 years ago over the right aspect of my nose forming a hump/scar (evident in pic). As far as i know facial asymmetry became more obvious to me after that. I was just wondering whether that accident has got anything to do with my facial asymmetry.

A: Thank you for sending your picture. Contrary to your perception your facial asymmetry is the result of an underdevelopment of the right side of your face and not an overgrowth on the left side. Hypoplasia is the cause of 95% of facial asymmetries. True facial hyperplasia is fairly rare. 

Now it could be that you like the smaller side better but the actual pathology is on the right side. From an aesthetic correction standpoint what you have to decide is which side you like better so an established target is set…..either make the right side bigger to match better to the left or make the left side smaller to match better with the right. Either way the correct diagnostic step is to get a 3D CT scan to know the underlying skeletal anatomy.

Your facial asymmetry is congenital, it is not the result of your nasal trauma.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana