Face The Facts – An Inside Look at Plastic Surgery

Face The Facts An Inside Look At Plastic Surgery Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisPlastic surgery continues to grow in popularity as evidenced by the statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgery over the past decade. Surgical procedures as well as non-surgical cosmetic office treatments have increased every year since 2000. With the explosion of the internet and other communication mediums, a tremendous amount of information about plastic surgery is available at the click of a mouse from anywhere in the world.

But like much on the internet, news magazines, and product brochures, what can you believe? How do you separate reality from the marketing hype? How can you decide what are the best treatment options for your facial concerns?

Dr. Barry Eppley, board-certified plastic surgeon of Indianapolis, takes you on a tour of facial plastic surgery. Covering dozens of the most popular cosmetic surgeries and treatments of the face, Dr. Eppley talks plainly about his experience and observations. From facelifts and nosejobs to injectable fillers, Dr. Eppley writes from his own extensive plastic surgery experience of the face, and provides insights into what many cosmetic procedures are, and what they actually do.

The desire to feel beautifully confident at any age is a natural one. Seeking plastic surgery ‘assistance’  is not vain or trivial. It is a major decision that requires forethought and preparation. Whether you are still considering  if plastic surgery is right for your face, have an upcoming consultation with a plastic surgeon, or are planning a procedure in the future, Dr. Eppley prepares you to ask better questions and Face The Facts!