Eye Asymmetry Correction (Vertical Orbital Dystopia Surgery)

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in eye asymmetry correction. I have also always been conscious that my right eye is slightly lower than my left. Looking at the CT scan, I can see that this could be caused by the bottom of my eye socket on the right side being lower than the left.Another thing I noticed on the CT scan is asymmetry of my cheek bones. The right one appears lower than the left, or at least extends lower. 

I did some research and mostly your articles came up. I found examples where you were able to correct all 3 of the above issues using custom implants. Therefore, I was wondering if you could recommend a solution to this? If it’s possible/feasible, I would likely look at getting it done after I recover from my jaw implants.

A: What you are describing for your eye asymmetry is a modest form of vertical orbital dystopia. (VOD) By definition, since the orbito-zygomatic bone complex is a combined unit, if the eye is lower so will be the cheekbone…the two go together since they are connected. Custom orbital floor-orbital rim-malar implants do offer the most effective method of VOD correction.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana