Extended Cheek Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley I am interested in more information regarding the extended zygomatic cheek implants you describe here:


1) Can you share any before-after pictures of people who have had this done (specifically with zygomatic arch extension)?

2) Where would the scars be and what size?

3) Do you anchor these to the bone in any way to prevent shifting?

4) What percent risk is there of damage to the infraorbital nerve during placement and what would be the usual result (ie. numbness, sagging, pain) if such damage occurred?


Custom Male Cheek Implants Indianapolis Dr Barry EppleyA: Thank you for your inquiry in regards to extended cheek implants. In answer to your questions about them:

  1. Due to patient confidentiality, I can not release patients across the internet without their explicit permission. No such extended cheek implants patient has ever agreed to do so.
  2. The implants are placed from inside the mouth so there are no external scars.
  3. I always secure every type of cheek implant with a single small titanium microscrew.
  4. There is no greater to the infraorbital nerve from extended cheek implants as opposed to standard styles of cheek implants. The implants are placed to the side of the nerve so it is not in the path of dissection for their placement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana