ePTFE Nasal Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m considering a nose augmentation operation for central nasal depression with a closed technique. I’ll be using a silicone ePTFE coated  nasal implant from Implantech company. (ePTFE Dorsal Nasal Implant)  My plastic surgeon has never used such material, he has been mainly using cartilage or silicone, so I will be his first patient.Since you are an experienced plastic surgeon in the US, you have definitely done cases with similar material, what is your impression and opinion about using this type of implant on the bridge of the nose and what was your patients feedback. I have another question here, what if the implant is long and it’s needed to be cut little bit to fit my nose, can my plastic surgeon be able to cut the ePTFE coated silicone? The length of this kind of implant is similar for all sizes but the amount of  height of the bridge only differs. I greatly appreciate your valuable reply.

A: Many of my writings on nasal implants as well as my recent reply to your prior email speaks to my favorable experience and opinion of the ePTFE Nasal Implant, whether it is the preformed style (ePTFE coated silicone) or a hand carved pure ePTFE nasal implant. I would trust that your surgeon would have enough preoperative knowledge of the nasal implant and its composition to know how to intraoperatively shape it for each individual rhinoplasty patient.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana