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Ventolin (Albuterol)

Ventolin HFA, also known by its generic name, albuterol sulfate, is a synthetic compound that is related to aspirin. It is specifically used as a bronchodilator for treating conditions that constrict the airways such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma.

Ventolin is also referred to as salbutamol and helps to treat and prevent shortness of breath and wheezing. It is packaged in a compact aerosol can with an adaptor that can easily be taken on the go.

By opening the breathing passages and relaxing the muscles in the airways, Ventolin helps control the symptoms of breathing problems in adults and children.

How do you use Ventolin?

Patients taking any medication should always read the patient information and/or the dosage instructions that should come with any drug. Ventolin HFA aerosol with adaptor prescriptions should be accompanied by illustrated directions for properly self-administering this drug. If it does not, consult your physician or pharmacist for guidance on using the inhaler.

Be sure to use the inhaler exactly as prescribed as the dosage is determined by your response to the treatment and your medical condition. Overuse of Ventolin can cause serious, sometimes fatal, side effects, so use it exactly as prescribed. 

To use the inhaler and get the best results, shake the canister well before inhaling the Ventolin. If you are using a brand-new canister, point the nozzle away from your face and using your thumb (on the bottom of the plastic case) and index finger (on the top of the canister) push up/down simultaneously.

This should cause a fine mist of the Ventolin to emit from the mouthpiece. Do this two times and your inhaler should be ready to use. Now place the mouthpiece in your mouth and repeat the same procedure mentioned above.

Try to inhale (through your mouth) at the same time the Ventolin leaves the canister. This can take a little practice, but it should get easier through time. 

Spritz the inhaler twice during each treatment, if prescribed. You can use it once, but never more than twice every four to six hours. You should begin to feel your airways opening in less than a minute after inhaling the Ventolin. Wait at least one minute between each spritz to give your air passages time to open. 

It needs to be noted that if the inhaler has been dropped or you haven’t used your inhaler in two or more weeks, you should treat it as a brand-new canister. Spritz it a couple of times, away from your face, as detailed above.

If you use Ventolin to help prevent asthma caused by exercising, consult your physician as to dosage, but the standard usage is two puffs 15 to 30 minutes before exercising. If you are prescribed other inhalers, wait at least 60 seconds before changing medications.

How do I keep the Ventolin inhaler clean? 

Keeping the plastic adaptor that Ventolin HFA comes in is easy. Simply remove the canister and rinse the adaptor in warm water. Be sure to completely dry the plastic cap and case before reinserting the Ventolin canister. You can reinsert the canister with a slight twisting motion. Place the cap on the mouthpiece to prevent dust, dirt, or contaminants from entering the mouthpiece. It is recommended to clean the plastic case at least once every week.

Ventolin usage tips

  • Keep your quick-relief inhaler on hand at all times
  • Take note of the number of times you use the inhaler in a 24-hour period
  • Never share your Ventolin with anyone
  • Avoid spraying Ventolin in or near your eyes
  • Discard the inhaler and the adaptor after you have used the labeled number of spritzes
  • Communicate with your prescribing physician if your symptoms worsen or do not improve with usage
  • Alert your doctor if you experience shortness of breath, a persistent cough, or trouble breathing
  • Visit the pharmacy if your inhaler is not working properly
  • Limit the use of cannabis and alcohol when taking Ventolin regularly

Side effects

The use of Ventolin HFA may cause throat or mouth irritation or dryness, slight shaking, a feeling of nervousness, and/or a cough. Contact your physician if any of these effects worsen or persist.

Ventolin may increase blood pressure, so check it regularly and contact your doctor if it is higher than normal.Many people that use Ventolin do not experience side effects and you are prescribed Ventolin because your physician believes that the benefits outweigh the risks.