Early Skull Reshaping Surgery

Q: Dr. Eppley, My three year old son has a high cephalic index around 88/90%. We are interested in early skull reshaping surgery and would like to have some volume added to the back to make it more like 83/85%. Hoping this could be done with 15mm or less. He also has some bossing over the ears that we would like to reduce if possible. Is there a best age to do this procedure. We are thinking of doing it sometime between now and 4 years old if possible. Also curious what material you would suggest or if it would be best to do a custom mold. We are planning to set up a consultation if this is something we could have done and we could get a few questions answered ahead of time.

A: Some general early skull reshaping surgery comments are as follows. At this young age the width of the head can not be reduced due to the thinness of the bone and overlying muscle. Occipital or back of the head can be done but the only material I would ever use at this young age would be hydroxyapatite cement. But the scalp is not likely to allow for a 15mm expansion of the outer contour of the bone. At best it may allow for up to 10mms. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana