Ear Reshaping with Scapha Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have an ear reshaping question about the procedure where the helical rim is folded in and it not being able to do be done at the same time as scapha reduction.  Is that the case even if the scapha reduction doesn’t include an incision on the helix? I’ve attached an example to help me describe what I mean. 

So basically, is it possible to have that kind of scapha reduction done and folding in the helical rims at the same time? I’m thinking that could be a less radical kind of reduction, while still reducing the size. 

A: In answer to your ear reshaping questions:

1) What you are showing is a very limited form of a scapha reduction. It really folds the ear down a bit rather than a true vertical height reduction that requires a back cut cross the helical rim down at the middle part of the ear to create the reductive effect.

2) This limited form of a scapha reduction can allow a helical rim repositioning at the same time. Since there is no incision on the inside of the helical rim done at the middle third, an incision can then be safely made on the back of the ear in this area.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana