Does the Zerona Laser Really Work For Fat Reduction?

Q: I have always been bothered by these fat collections on the lower part of my stomach and around into my back. Despite working out regularly and really focusing on these araes, I have been unable to lose them. Several years ago I tried fat-dissolving injections (I can’t remember their name) but they were very painful so I never did it more than one time. I have been hearing about the Zerona laser and it seems that these fat treatments do not cause any pain or swelling afterwards. This sounds almost too good to be true. Do you think as a plastic surgeon that it really works?

A: Zerona is the newest and most popular method of non-invasive fat removal. Using cold laser technology, it has the ability to pass through the skin and disrupt the membranes of the fats cells. This causes release of fat when the cell membranes breaks open. This released fat is absorbed  and eliminated through the lympatic system. This is proven science and is significant enough that its clinical data passed through and was approved by the FDA. Through the concomitant use of exercise, increased water intake, and oral supplements, the effects of the laser are enhanced.  

Is Zer0na a replacement for liposuction….no. It is effective but not that dramatically effective and effiicient as actual surgery. I think it is a proven method that for the right patient can be very effective at making visible fat reduction.  Its success is patient-specific and better results are undoubtably obtained when the patient follows all of the adjunctive recommendations.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana