Does The Size Of The Breasts That One Wants Affect The Cost Of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Q: Hi I actually live a few hours away and before I set up a consultation, there are a few questions I have. I am currently a small A cup and am wanting to go to a C cup. I was wondering how much that would be, just an estimate is fine. I know you can’t tell me exactly and also I was wondering how the payments work and what kind of insurance you take. I have Medicaid. i hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

A: When it comes to the expense of breast augmentation, there are numerous misconceptions about that aspect of the surgery. The cost of getting breast implants is the same regardless of the size of the implant used. Cost differences in implants do exist, but it is based on the type of breast implant selected not its size. Saline implants will cost less than silicone gel as the cost of the devices from the manufacturer is different. Many patients do finance their breast surgery through outside companies such as Care Credit. Plastic surgeons do not finance the cost of the surgery for patients nor can patients make monthly payments until their breast implant surgery is paid off. Payment for the surgery must be all paid up front which is why patients acquire the necessary funds from a financing company and pay them back over time with interest. No health insurance covers breast augmentation or any breast implant surgery unless it is associated with reconstruction from breast cancer.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana