Does The Chin Become More Narrow In A Sliding Genioplasty The More Horizontal Projection It Has?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve looked over the imaging pictures of my sliding genioplasty chin augmentation and I like the medium and large chin projection changes for my side profile. I wouldn’t want any larger than the large so if youhad to go bigger or smaller from that id prefer smaller. In between medium and large would also be perfect.

I forgot to add, how much do the different changes affect the view from the front and 3/4 view? I know you said it’ll look narrower. How much narrower would the large change be compared to the medium change? And how much longer from the front will my chin be in the end?

Thank you so much!

A: What you are really saying from a dimensional standpoint is keep the projection of the chin behind a vertical line drawn down from the lower lip. And to no surprise in females with naturally smaller chins ‘less is more; so to speak.

The larger forward movement the more narrow the chin will become from the front view.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana