Does Shoulder Stretching Before Clavicle Lengthening Surgery Help?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have noticed just recently you have published a clavicle lengthening result with a video. I am just wondering a few things. 

1. I know you were able to get 18-20mm of actual bone width, how much did the patient gain in bideltoid actual measurable shoulder width? 

2. How can I personally prepare for a procedure? I know you mentioned shoulder stretching, could that actually make a difference? 

3. Could patients move their arms after the procedure? 

I am interested in this procedure personally and would like to get the best possible result. Thank you. 

A: In answer to your clavicle lengthening questions:

1) There is generally a 1:1 ratio of what occurs at the inner third/half of the clavicle to the increased width at the outer deltoid area. This is because in clavicle lengthening there is a roll back effect on the shoulders as well.

2) Decreased shoulder/scapular tightness is of benefit during such surgery to achieve the optimal lengthening. I would refer you to this link to read more on this topic.…widening-surgery/

3) While a normal range of arm motion is not permitted during the first few weeks after the surgery, and you wouldn’t be able to do that anyway due to expected discomfort/tightness, limited arm movements are permitted.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana